Quadcopters have come a long way. Literally every day there's a new frame design coming out, claiming to be more durable, more versatile, lighter, cheaper, better.
Up to this day, most quadcopter frames have had one thing in common: they were made of carbon fiber.

At GLASS FPV, we thought it's time to innovate.


GLASS FPV frames are made of a plastic compound which is very flexible and will never break. The material we use is transparent, inexpensive and lighter than carbon fiber.


You might think: How can a frame be flexible and fly stable at the same time? What about oscillations?
Don't worry, we test our frames thoroughly and there's a ton of video footage if you're not yet convinced.



He's constantly designing and constructing prototype frames, selecting materials and testing new concepts. As a mechatronics genius with years and years of CNC milling background he knows exactly what works, and what doesn't.


Flo is an experienced FPV pilot. He is trying different tunes and electrical components on all the prototype and production models to see if theory translates to practice. He also performs the crash testing ;)